Delicious and Healthy Home Smoothie Recipes

What's better than smoothies? You can't beat the natural and tasty blend of fruits, vegetables, juices, ice, yogurt, and spices. From low sugar to vegan, organic, and energy power, you can blend anything you can imagine. Here we experiment with healthy fruit smoothie recipes, healthy morning shakes, and whatever other delicious fresh foods (and sometimes frozen!) we can put in a blender.

Smoothies are gaining in popularity. This thick, blended beverage can be a meal unto itself. Maybe it's a quick breakfast, or an after-school snack. Perhaps you're losing weight or adding more fruit and veggies to your diet after a workout. Rather than spending $6 at that little kiosk at the mall every day, you can make the perfect beverage for you for less than $1 in ingredients.

Best of all, you can experiment with any flavor and ingredient combination you like. Want a smoothie that tastes like a peach crumble? Want one that tastes like a bloody mary? It's all within the reach of your imagination.

Our Favorite Smoothie Recipes

Need help making our easy recipes? Start with our perfect homemade smoothie guide. Then pick one of our favorite recipes or make your own!