Ginger Peach Nectarine Smoothie Recipe

Ginger Peach Nectarine Smoothie Recipe Image
This ginger peach, nectarine, and apricot smoothie is an exotic and delicious drink.

page updated on June 21, 2017


Amount Ingredient
1peach (frozen)
1medium nectarine (fresh)
1 handfuldried apricots
1/2 cupcream (or milk)
1 or 2 piecescandied ginger


Pour the cream (or milk) into your blender. Add the frozen peach slices. Quarter the nectarine and add to the blender. Add the apricots and the ginger.

Blend to your desired consistency.

Our testers preferred a silky smooth smoothie; chunky wasn't as popular. We experimented with milk, but loved the texture of the cream. Reviewers were split on whether they preferred no-sulfur dried apricots or sulfur-added apricots.

Instead of frozen peach slices, use a fresh peach. You may have to experiment with liquid context in this case; we recommend adding a couple of large ice cubes to cool down the whole thing.

Makes one large smoothie.

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