Vitamix Blenders

Vitamix is a well established and well trusted name—they make the best blenders! The price is a little higher than a cheap throwaway $59 food processor, but the quality is obvious. From the powerful variable speed motor to the sharp and precise stainless steel blade to the interchangeable containers to the seven year warranty, every part of the experience brings the quality of a commercial blender to any home kitchen.

Each of the recommendations below includes the base unit (a professional-grade blender), a detachable and washable container (just add dish soap and use the pre programmed cleaning mode!) for blending, a guide, and your happiness.

Vitamix blenders can make everything from smoothies to hot soups to frozen desserts to nut butters. This blender will take everything you throw at it and excel, with its high quality components and multi year warranty.

For the best results, you probably want a 64 ounce container, though some models and bundles come with a 32- or 48 ounce container. 64 ounces are more, of course, but the taller profile container may not fit on countertops or in tight spaces.

Vitamix blenders have come in several product lines over the years. Because these models last so long, you may have an older model that still works great, or a friend or family member may have recommended one to you.

The 2023 product lines are:

  • the Ascent series, for serious home cooks
  • the Explorian series, as a more entry-level model
  • the Professional series, the continuation of the popular historical line

The question to ask yourself is is Which is the best Vitamix for me? Which of these categories describes you?

serious home cook | vegetarian/vegan | want a great blender

I am a Serious Home Cook

The Vitamix Ascent 3500 is perfect for serious home cooks. It's easy to clean and even easier to use, and it has presets for several types of food—from smoothies to soups and even desserts.

This is an amazing device; you'll ask yourself why you didn't buy it years earlier!

The Ascent series is a smart blender with a touchscreen and wireless connectivity. It pulls together the most modern technology into a powerful Vitamix package.

I Follow a Healthy Vegetarian (or even Vegan!) Diet

The Vitamix Explorian E310 series blender can unleash the nutrition in all types of natural foods. It's a great entry-level blender for someone who wants a serious blender designed to pulverize whatever the toughest food you can throw at it; frozen-solid fruit, fibrous raw veggies, nuts for butters, etc. With its variable speed dial, it can make anything you want.

I Just Want an Amazing Blender

The Vitamix Professional 750 is the latest in the classic blender line. It's a great start to your healthy journey. Everything good that's been said about the Vitamix blender in the past decade applies to the 750. This is a great blender for home use.

This model includes pre-programmed modes to make hot soup, frozen desserts such as fruit sorbet, and other handy treats.

An Ascent series smart blender may fit in to your connected home, or the Explorian series blender may offer a powerful simplicity that lets you explore what you want. The pre programmed modes of the classic Professional series could unlock new options in your kitchen. Every model includes a variable speed motor, a powerful stainless steel blade capable of cutting ice and nuts, and the excellent multi year warranty.

You can't go wrong with any of these amazing Vitamix blenders; they're great machines you'll use all the time. Give up on making your food processor do what it can't do. Whatever your goal—serious cooking, delicious smoothies and drinks, healthy eating—this is the blender for you.