What is Vitamix: The Secret Blender History

page updated on October 29, 2017

Vitamix History

In the 1930s, an American named William Grover Barnard saw his first blender. Barnard had long been a traveling salesman of kitchen products, and he'd long been a proponent of natural foods. The healthier the food, he reasoned, the healthier the person.

The value of the blender was immediately obvious; its utility in preparing food was unmatched by any other device. Barnard soon began to sell blenders.

Barnard passed his business to his son, Bill. In 1964, the family renamed their business to the Vita-Mix Corporation. They focused their attention on improving their Vitamix blenders to make the world's most powerful and usable machines.

Today, the Vitamix is an essential part of commercial food preparation, but the same quality and power is available for home uses—serious home chefs, smoothie fans, and people who enjoy a nutritious diet of natural foods. You can't beat the magic of a Vitamix for its price—not with a $29 blender, a standalone food processor, or even with a Blendtec blender.

What is a Vitamix?

A Vitamix is a blender, in the same way that a Cadillac is a horseless carriage. Unlike a cheap machine you might get as a present for opening a bank account, a Vitamix blender has several great features.

Its high-powered motor can purée even the toughest foods (Ice! Whole apples! Frozen vegetables!).

Flexible speed and program options allow you to make several types of foods (ice creams and sorbets, hot soups, smoothies, mixed drinks, doughs, sauces, fresh fruit and vegetable juice, nut butter, salsa, even flour).

An elegant design makes use and especially cleaning easy (add a drop of soup to some warm water and let the built-in cleaning cycle handle everything; no disassembly required!)

An exemplary seven year warranty and peerless customer support mean that your blender will long outlast its competition.

Why Do People Love Vitamix?

Maybe it seems silly that a blender could inspire such loyalty in its users, turning them into fans and advocates—but the Vitamix does just that. To learn more, take our one-question quiz to discover out the best Vitamix blender for you (including the Vitamix 5200 and the Vitamix Professional 750), or explore our delicious blender recipes, especially our healthy blender smoothie recipes.

Healthy eating is yours; sugar free, hassle free, vegan and vegetarian and raw food friendly.