Amazing Veggie Energy Booster Recipe

This savory vegetable smoothie recipe helps control your appetite and boosts your energy.

page updated on July 29, 2017


Amount Ingredient
1 large clovegarlic
1 cupkale
1 cupspinach
1 medium slicefresh ginger
1 small stalk (bundle)chopped celery
1/2large cucumber (not peeled)
10baby carrots
1/4small beet
6 stalksasparagus
1/4 cupparsley
1medium tomato
1thin slice unpeeled lemon


Combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Season to taste (a pinch of flavored sea salt works very well).

Our experiments have found that starting with the tomato, garlic, spinach, kale, and lemon works best. Otherwise you may end up with an air bubble in your blender. Start on a low speed until everything is nicely chopped, then increase speed slowly until you reach your desired consistency.

Makes two quarts.

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