Strawberry Chocolate Swirl Smoothie Recipe

Strawberry Chocolate Swirl Smoothie Image
Indulge your sweet tooth with fresh fruit and a touch of dark chocolate syrup in this strawberry smoothie.

page updated on April 16, 2023

Strawberry Chocolate Swirl Smoothie Ingredients

Amount Ingredient
1small banana
1/2 cupplain or vanilla yogurt
12 (about a cup and a half)large strawberries
1 teaspoondark chocolate syrup

Strawberry Chocolate Swirl Smoothie Instructions

Peel banana. Wash and hull strawberries.

Add yogurt, banana, and strawberries to blender. Blend to your desired level of consistency. Pour into glass and add chocolate syrup. Stir briefly with spoon as desired.

This super simple recipe is amazingly delicious. You can substitute frozen strawberries for the fresh ones, but if you do, make sure to add sugar-free strawberries. (The goal is the fruity taste, not a sweet taste.)

We've experimented and found that a little bit of fresh banana enhances both the flavor of the berries and the chocolate. Less is more; you might even halve the banana, according to your taste.

Dark chocolate works much better than milk chocolate. The latter just doesn't have enough flavor to keep up. You can experiment with adding the syrup to the blender before blending, but our tastes prefer the minimal stirring of the spoon to a fine blending.

Makes two smoothies.