Spinach Pear Grape Smoothie Recipe

Spinach Pear Grape Smoothie Image
Can a spinach smoothie be tasty? With grapes, yogurt, pear, and celery it can!

page updated on April 16, 2023

Spinach Pear Grape Smoothie Ingredients

Amount Ingredient
1 cupvanilla yogurt
2 cupsbaby spinach
1 stalkcelery
1 cupfrozen green grapes
1/2 cupwater

Spinach Pear Grape Smoothie Instructions

Rinse celery, pear, and spinach well. Core the pear. Quarter (if necessary for your blender).

Add water and yogurt to your blender. Add remaining ingredients. Blend to desired thickness. (You might need to use the tamper if you're using a Vitamix blender.)

We prefer seedless green grapes and Greek yogurt, but your tastes may vary. If you're using fresh grapes, reduce the water and add ice cubes instead.

Makes one large smoothie.