Vitamix Creations Blender Data

page updated on April 16, 2023

Vitamix Creations

Love smoothies? Whether fruit, vegetables, or a combination of the two, the Vitamix Creations is one of the best blenders for smoothies. The powerful motor—as well as the Vitamix attention to quality and detail—gives you everything you need to blend whole foods into delicious drinks.

While other models, such as the 5200 and 750 are current, the Creations seems to be at the end of its product life. It's still a great blender, though, and you can find it at a great price!

Healthy food is just moments away.

Vitamix Creations II

The Vitamix Creations II model is slightly older than the Vitamix Creations Elite. It uses the previous generation's motor, but it's available for about $150 less. It's still a useful, powerful machine. Like other Creations blenders, the Creations II package includes a 48 ounce container.

Vitamix Creations with Dry Container

This is an older model Vitamix Creations blender with the 48 ounce standard container as well as a dry container (used to make flours, butters, nuts, mixes, and other dry goods). You can buy the dry container separately, of course, to pair with any other blender model.