page updated on April 09, 2017

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Image

Perfect Scrambled Eggs

The fluffiest, most perfect scrambled eggs you can ever make come out of a blender. No kidding!


2 medium eggs
1/4 cup fresh milk
a taste of garlic powder
a taste of sea salt


Add milk to blender. Crack eggs into blender (avoiding shells, though if you accidentally get a little bit in there, you have extra calcium).

Add garlic powder, to taste. We have had good luck with 1/4 teaspoon. Add sea salt, to taste. We prefer three or four turns from a grinder.

Blend at low speed, at first. You want to mix the two fluids evenly without splashing either one out of the mixing area. Increase gradually to a speed of 3 or 4. The longer you blend, the more air you'll mix into the eggs (a good thing), but you don't want to overblend. Try about 20 seconds.

Pour into a small pan on the stove (smaller is better) and cook as normal.

Notes: we haven't yet experimented with adding meat (ham, bacon, turkey) to the egg mixture. Nor have we yet added shredded cheese—though we'd add them near the end of the process. Some people have experimented with adding water instead of milk. This is what has worked best for us so far. We'll report back our findings when we try again.

Makes 1 Serving.