Perfect Scrambled Eggs Recipe

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Image
The fluffiest, most perfect homemade scrambled eggs you can ever make come out of a blender. No kidding!

page updated on April 16, 2023

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Ingredients

Amount Ingredient
2medium eggs
1 pinchsea salt
3 or 4 dropslemon juice
1 tablespoonunsalted butter

Perfect Scrambled Eggs Instructions

Heat small pan on the stove at medium heat.

Crack eggs into blender (avoiding shells, though if you accidentally get a little bit in there, you have extra calcium; eggshells won't damage a healthy blender in a significant way, but we don't recommend eating crunchy eggs).

Add sea salt. Adjust to your tasting (not the raw eggs; taste the finished product, then adjust the salt next time). Add the lemon juice.

Start blending at low speed. The goal is to mix the ingredients evenly. Because the ingredients are primarily liquid, you run the risk of splashing out of the mixing area unless you start slow. Blend until they're just blended. The longer you blend, the more air you'll mix into the eggs, but you'll also start combining the proteins before you add the heat (which is what you don't want). Overblending will make a frothy mess that cooks too quickly.

You can also use an immersion blender or a manual egg beater to accomplish the same purpose.

Add half the butter to your pan on the medium heat. Wait until it has melted fully.

Pour in the egg mixture and cook for several minutes. Turn down the heat to low when there's almost all of the liquid has started to firm. Add the remainder of the butter halfway through cooking.

For fluffy eggs, fold and stir gently and infrequently so that the eggs cook evenly. Don't overstir; for fluffy eggs, you want lots of steam. If you stir too much, that steam will escape and the eggs will become denser. The more you stir, the smaller your curds will be.

If you're going to add other spices such as pepper, garlic powder, or hot sauce, do so at the end of the process. Similarly, add shredded cheese after you've finished cooking.

Makes 1 Serving.