Peach Nectarine Apricot Smoothie

Peach Nectarine Apricot Smoothie Image
Peaches, nectarines, and apricots blend together into one delicious smoothie.

page updated on June 12, 2016


Amount Ingredient
1sliced and frozen peach
1fresh nectarine
1 handfuldried apricots (sulfur free is best)
1/2 to 1 cupwater


Quarter nectarine.

Combine ingredients in blender and blend until it reaches the desired consistency.

If you have a fresh peach (good for you!), substitute ice for water.

With more water and more blending, you get a smoother drink. With less blending and less water, you get a chunkier drink. You do need at least a half cup of water (not ice), however.

Makes one large drink.

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