page updated on October 29, 2017

Vitamix Blenders versus Juicers

Vitamix blenders are famous for their power, quality, and great warranty. They're fantastic devices for fans of natural food, serious home chefs, and blender fans.

Is the Vitamix a Juicer?

A juicer and a blender have a lot in common: they process food to turn pulpy fruits and vegetables into delicious and nutritious drinks.

A Vitamix blender blends foods by chopping them up with rotating blades. A juicer spins or squeezes or smashes foods to remove the juice from the pulp. They're similar processes, but the blender produces pulpier results.

Can a Vitamix replace a juicer?

A Vitamix blender has advantages over a juicer, however. Its high powered motor lets you extract as much of the nutrients—and fiber—as possible. Its flexibility lets you make juices, smoothies, and even soups. It's also very easy to clean (rinse it out and you're ready for more).

Vitamix Juicers

What could be better? A powerful, multi-purpose device that does everything a juicer can do and more—and is as easy to clean as it is to use. Even more, you get to control the consistency of your juices. Like them thick? Great! Want them thinner? Add a little water or some ice cubes. The Vitamix can handle it all.

Unlock the nutrition of natural fruits and vegetables today and find the Vitamix blender that's right for you.