page updated on October 29, 2017

Is Plain or Flavored Yogurt Better in a Smoothie?

If you don't mind the taste of plain yogurt—if you're only using it to add a creamy texture and some protein—then it's a nice base for a smoothie. It won't detract any from the taste of the other ingredients, except for imparting a slight sour yogurt taste. If that taste is to your liking, such as in a savory smoothie, consider a spoonful of sour cream and slightly less (plain) yogurt.

We prefer the taste of vanilla yogurt and the texture of Greek yogurt. It's like adding a little bit of vanilla extract to a cake or cookie recipe: there's a hint of something more interesting going on beneath all of the other flavors. With that said, we've used honey-flavored Greek yogurt before and it goes very nicely with berries such as strawberries.

If you're getting the idea that all of these smoothie recipes and guidelines depend on what you like, then great! You have the freedom to experiment and discover the perfect smoothie recipe for you!

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