Blender Recipe Reviews

When is a blender more than a blender? When it's the central tool in your kitchen. Go beyond chopping food or crushing ice. Make healthy meals and snacks—and of course perfect smoothies!

Vitamix blenders have long been admired for their power and ease of use. We're fans here! For people who want a high quality kitchen appliance to help them improve their healthy lifestyles, they're more than blenders. They're transformational tools.

With several models and styles to choose from, picking the right blender to buy may seem daunting, but we can help you find the best Vitamix blender model for you.

If you've already joined the Vitamix healthy lifestyle family, our Vitamix recipe ideas will help you discover new treats, meals, and snacks. Healthy living has never been so easy or delicious.

Of course, you can use any great blender to achieve the same things... but we wear our hearts on our sleeves and are very happy with our Vitamixes.

Need help? Start with How to Make a Smoothie or Frequently Asked Questions About Smoothies.

Latest Recipes

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